Uniqlo x Sustainability

Uniqlo – 2020 ongoing

Projects for a conscious choice

Recycled Clothes_
Weaving moves

The concept for this installation focusses on language. The video drives the public into an evocative and reflective environment on a large arazzo created with recycled and selected clothes gathered by Uniqlo EU. A geometric motif starting from the square module at the core of the brand identity and in this way each textile becomes like an analog pixel; a synergy between material and digital.

Giga Studio_
Arca Onlus project_
Odd garden_

Recycled Plastic_
Dry-EX recycled Polo

Reduce stores single-use plastic and minimizing waste to build a truly sustainable business. To introduce this commits, the garden hosts a recycled plastic installation in partership with Ecopixel, an italian company that developed plastic recycling materials. For the Uniqlo Dry-EX products launch, differents furnitures has been created to show one of the many possible uses of recycled plastic.

Ecopixel Italia_
Odd garden_

Uniqlo Store
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