A space open to the creative subjects focused on sustainable practices shown periodically through art and design installations.

Uniqlo – 2019 ongoing

Interior project, garden corner store

Nature meets urban landscapes: for the opening of the first Italian store in Piazza Cordusio, Milan, UNIQLO presents a new green corner, a Japanese garden that harmoniously blends with the heritage of the Milanese courtyards.
The project combines the green’s presence with permanent minimalist seats made with clinker, a typical cement of the buildings of the early Italian modernist period. A relaxing and bright environment, has been created by using white tiles with wooden side tables and points of light composed of essential lines (clean and soft).

The space is not just a relaxation area, but it is the container of other installations, created in collaboration with Milanese artists and creative studios, which tell the brand’s values ​​such as attention to the recycling of materials and fabrics, the technologies for the production of garments and products and the conscious commitment to environmental conservation. Static Wave, by Odd Garden (green) and Water is more precious than gold (carpet flags) by One Block Down are the first two contents hosted in this garden space.

Odd garden_Static Wave
One Block Down_Water is more precoius than gold

Uniqlo Store
@Piazza Cordusio 2, 20123 Milano MI
Photo Credits:@andreabene