Press Preview FW19

Uniqlo – 2019 ongoing

Exhibit and setup project for the Lifewear Japanese brand Uniqlo.

Drawing inspiration from the Oriental minimalism, the setup of the space chosen for the first Italian press preview of UNIQLO has been developed by declining the geometries of the Japanese brand logo on a full scale. The two iconic red squares are visually evoked on the ground in the grids defining the areas of the exhibition. Vertically developing in their own natural way, they create cubic structures which the brand uses to communicate its values.

People visiting Pelota, a space located in Brera district (Milan), are welcomed by a red lights tunnel that recalls the so-called “Fusuma” – traditional panels used in Japanese architecture – while the vertical frames and the dividers resemble the typical cleanliness of the Shoji, the original translucent rice paper room dividers.

Photo Credits:@giadadegasperi

Uniqlo Press preview FW19
@Pelota, Via Palermo 10, 20121 Milano MI