Running projects

For Nike – 2014, 2016

Communication materials for several Nike Running Events.


Nike Running Italia campaign We Own The Night 2014.
Design and production of: pop up cards, jewelry packaging, Vitasnella bottle water cover, T-shirts.


Logotype brand identity of WE RUN ROME, the annual Nike run competition in the city of Rome.


The project objective was to re-write the map of Milan in a runner’s perspective, get new paths and running areas.

During the project, we involved small groups of runners, university students and guests, who attended dedicated meetings, lectures and activities to analyze aspects and perspectives of the running world in the city. The project also included the development of the brand identity and logos of the different crews, divided by areas and districts of Milan.

Guests: Tite Togni, Gabriele Sirimarco e Daniele Paccini, Philippe Tabet

Technical partners: MH Srl